Group Strategy Director

Job Description

Group Strategy Director will be responsible for creating feasible and profitable long-term plan that meet the company’s long terms goals, making strategic and future proofing recommendation for new and existing market expansion, cost saving synergy whilst undertaking in depth market insights analysis and detail business feasibility when required. Group Strategy Director will work directly under the Group CEO and will act as business expert, making decisions that will impact the current and future operations of the company.


- Work on strategic and tactical issues facing group business with the Senior Leadership Team of Group and Sectors
- Develop the business development and planning capabilities across the organisation to identify new areas of growth and innovation for the group in line with Group Vision
- Lead the management of strategic reviews, planning processes, org reporting and impact analysis in the Group
- Ensure that innovative strategy development approaches are taken that keep the organisation at the cutting edge of strategic and systems thinking.
- Keep close eyes on the consumers, competitors, market and industry trends In Country and the region. Be the leader in providing market insight of industries related to the group
- Understand and initiate the synergetic opportunities in different sectors inside the group
- Conduct in depth Business feasibilities & develop business plans for the strategic recommendations
- Build rapport and relationship with industry leaders in country and in the region
- Responsible for the management and oversight of a significant organisational budget
- Enable a team learning culture that promotes collaboration, proactivity, and responsibility, ensuring that individuals are focused on providing the foundations align with organisation values and Vision

Job Requirements

- Academic certificate in Business, Finance and management subject or in related field
- Proven experience in setting strategic direction and being accountable for the result of a business entity or a business division
- Extensive industry knowledge in consumer goods, health care and financial industry with an eye towards the future. A demonstrated history with technology led business will be a major plus
- Leadership and organizational abilities
- Excellent communication skills
- Strategic thinking ability
- Problem- solving aptitude

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