Proactive Precautionary Measures For Suspected Covid-19 Case

Posted on 23 March 2020

23rd March 2020
Statement From City Holdings Limited     

Suspected Covid-19 Patient Report

We have been closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation locally and globally and we are taking proactive measures for the safety of our colleagues. We regret to inform you that one of our colleagues at City Holdings Limited has reported as a suspected case (not yet confirmed). Tests are being conducted and the results are pending.

As a matter of precaution and in order to protect the health of our colleagues, we are immediately implementing a Work From Home Policy and require all of our colleagues to self-quarantine until further advised. This is for City Holdings employees only and the individual involved has no involvement with any customer-facing business of the Group.

What Does Self-Quarantine Mean?

Self-quarantine means staying in your home, hostel room or provided accommodation, and not leaving for the period you are required to quarantine. Only people who usually live in the household should be in the home. Do not allow visitors into the home.

Does this mean my family or other people I live with need to self-quarantine?

The rest of your household does not need to self-quarantine if you stay away from others in your home. As much as possible, you should:

  • stay in a room away from others
  • sleep in a separate bedroom
  • use a separate bathroom
  • do not allow visitors.

Practice good hygiene (wash hands regularly and thoroughly, avoid touching face, avoid touching surfaces, regularly clean and disinfect surfaces of high-touch areas) and maintain a minimum of 1.5 metres distance. Take extra care of vulnerable people at your home, such as those over the age of 60 with chronic disease. 

Next Steps

We are adopting a proactive and cautious approach in managing this issue within our workplace to protect our colleagues. This is ONLY a suspected case (not yet confirmed) and there is no need to panic.

In accordance with existing Covid-19 protocols, aside from the daily cleaning, additional deep-cleaning of the office will be conducted today. We have also proactively informed Building Management of Kanthayar Office Tower and requested further precautions on their part, including deep cleaning of common areas such as lifts.

Please keep yourselves and your families safe & healthy during these times and take the necessary Covid-19 precautions and ensure that you follow the above directive.

Privacy And Disinformation / Misinformation

Given that this is a self-reported suspected case and proactive self-quarantine, the specific details of the case will remain confidential to protect privacy.

For further enquiries, please get in touch with :

Ko Win Myint Aung
Group Corporate Affairs Director
City Holdings Limited